I am drawn to subjects that have a figurative presence and are suggestive of dream landscapes or cosmic references in environments such as urban streets, creeks, forests, and gutters. I study surfaces for stories about life and death, contemporary culture, pollution, and history. 

Some of my photographs are simply observation, while other pieces are created by altering small environments. For example, placing a leaf into a puddle or fabricating a site-specific still life. I print images as stand-alone works and also incorporate them into video installations.

My video work deals with complex emotions mingled with social and environmental issues. I create and act out characters that explore the boundaries between insanity and enlightenment. Some pieces are meant to be spellbinding and hypnotic while others are comically exaggerated. I beckon the viewer to contemplate the nature of humanity, the tragedy and comedy intertwined. Some video works stand alone, while others animate sculptures and installations.

My three-dimensional pieces are actualized with cross-pollinating materials - tape, clay, inkjet prints, time based media devices, plastic, and cardboard boxes. I create freestanding pieces and breathe life into them with the use of digital video devices. I build cardboard shacks and caves so the participant is physically immersed in an animated dream world. A participant could be confronted by my characters or sensory stimuli specifically manipulated for each environment.