Speaking Surfaces

This series portrays an existence of figurative beings, landscapes, and dream realities that can be found by closely observing the sufaces of the natural world. These prints capture the life presence found in rocks, streams, puddles, leaves, and other organic places. This body of photographs began in the mountains of Northwestern Vermont in 2011 and continues into the parks of Central and Western Maryland.

"Fire King"
"Kami 2"

"Ice Sprite"
"Ice Sprite 2"
"Ice Sprite 3"


"Bog Sprite"
"Bog Sprite 2"

"Bog Sprite 3"
"Bog Sprite 4"
"Lichen Sprite"

"Rock Sprite"
"Rock Sprite 2"
"Rock Sprite 3"

"Rock Sprite 6"
"Sea Sprite"
"Sea Sprite 2"

"The Meeting"
"Tree Wrinkle"
"In the Water"

Manipulated Environments

This body of work is created by altering small environments. It could be by
placing a leaf into a puddle or by fabricating a site specific still life.

"Lotus Leaf"
"Lotus Petal"
"Base player"
"in the alley"
"life force"